The Epiphany
This is Badland is a biannual Berlin-Balkan print publication and online platform dedicated to the exploration of art, design and culture.

The magazine’s 3rd LARGER THAN LIFE deals with cult of the self in the making. Estranged from shared belief systems, it has no common ground, but flourishes on the equalising structure of our networked culture and tech- nologically generated environments. We morph into each other’s idols, doubles and rivals — locked inside an eternal game of competition for attention. Retreating from this de- sire to be seen, we disentangle the pre-modern Hellenic notion of ‘taking care of oneself’ as it transmutes into our New Age agendas.

For this occasion I wrote a visual essay dealing with experiencing an event through the lens and limitations of my computer screen - a YouTube recording of the orthodox swimming race for the epiphany, an annual religious Serbian tradition that is also a heightened sports match shaped by faith, testosterone, competition and masculinity.

Annija Muižule 2021