Roses or Carnations

[(i’m a form and purpose)

i am bits and pieces

traces and spaces

i’m a collection of,

but I could not tell



The old ladies in squares selling flowers is one of the very distinctive memories I have from growing up in the city of Liepāja. Essentially the collection for sale would always consist of a selection of appealingly formed spectacle of flowers. Arranged by colour, shape, origin or for an occasion. Some of the daffodils would be sprayed with glitter blindingly reflecting the sun on their leaves; handful of the tulips decorated with bows in primary colours. I stand before the lady trying to make a decision. Am I a rose or a carnation today?

// work I made for a group show @vanabbemuseum 'In Poland David Bowie was a woman' exploring the post-post Soviet identity


Annija Muižule 2021