Annija Muižule (based in The Hague, The Netherlands). In a world projecting itself through imagery, photography has become an omnipresent representation of reality. Images are an inevitable part of  daily encounters becoming commodities largely sustaining our capitalist economy - a consistent background of our mental space. I believe that living in a world conditioned by images asks for an investigative and challenging approach towards photography, which we often lack as our educational systems focus on written languages, not the visual ones. In my work I deal with imagery as such and make an attempt to unlearn what photography has taught us. With aggregation of imagery in different forms, I try to capture the world of illusions and false consciousness often mediated by our overwhelming world of visual information.

contact me: annijamuizule[at]


2013 - 2017 Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands. Bachelor in Art. Major in Photography.

2017 January Workshop with Thijs Wassink and Willem Popelier
How to Graduate in 4 Days. The Hague, The Netherlands.

2016 February - June Internship with Ola Lanko. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2011 - 2013 LCC International University. English Language and Literature studies. Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Awards and Nominations

2019 nominee for for Riga Photography Biennial and ISSP Gallery Award Seeking the Latest in Photography

2018 (ongoing) In Poland, David Bowie was a woman. Part of group exhibition at Van Abbe Museum. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

2018 Remote Passages. A solo show together with Katarina Petrović at SeeLab. The Hague, The Netherlands.

2017 Ekoc Presents: the Curse of the Dark Safeness. Part of group exhibition with project Clarissa. The Hague, The Netherlands.

2017 Graduation Show, The Royal Academy of Art. Part of group exhibition with project The Harvest. The Hague, The Netherlands.

2017 The Ink, the Milk, the Blood: Power of the Single Image. Part of group exhibition at Melkweg Expo with project The Harvest. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2016 The Flipside. Part of group exhibition at Het Nutshuis with project Captions. The Hague, The Netherlands.

2016 Paradise. Part of group exhibition with project Limit to Your Love. The Hague, The Netherlands.

2015  Belfast Photo Festival. Part of group projection with project Free for Children Under Five. Belfast, Northern Ireland.

2017 - Book The Harvest. Self published.

2017 Joyful Businessman Throwing Papers and Having fun in the Office. Self published on demand by Lulu - soon available online.

2016 Book Limit to Your Love. Self published.

2015 Book Can You Read this for Me? Self published.

2015 Magazine Banter. This is not a travel guide. Project Free for Children Under Five

Annija Muižule, 2018